Full Spectrum 5% CBD Oil + Vitamin D3 & K2MK-7


Full Spectrum 5% CBD Oil + Vitamin D3 & K2MK-7

(9 customer reviews)
  • 5% CBD Oil enriched with natural vitamins D3 and K2
  • CBD in the concentration of 5%
  • full spectrum of phytonutrients
  • one drop contains 2.5 mg of CBD and 17 mcg of vitamin D3 as well as 33 ug of K2MK-7
  • the product is certified
  • 100% natural

Capacity: 10 ml


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What is Favoroot Full Spectrum 5% CBD Oil + Vitamin D3 + K2MK-7?

It is an innovative hemp product – a composition enriched with natural vitamin D3 from lanolin (cholecalciferol) and natural vitamin K2Mk-7 (menaquinone-7). A bottle of the supplement will provide you with 500 mg of CBD along with a full spectrum of other phytonutrients and 3400 mcg of vitamin D3 as well as 6600 ug of vitamin K2MK-7.
One bottle of 10ml CBD Oil with vitamins contains 200 drops. So, one drop contains 2.5 mg of CBD and 17 mcg of vitamin D3 as well as 33 ug of K2MK-7.

Apart from cannabinoids and natural vitamin D3 from lanolin and K2 from natto, the Oil also contains all phytonutrients from hemp: terpenes, phenols and flavonoids.
To ensure that you can enjoy high product quality and safety of use, each batch is comprehensively tested. You will find the research and the results in Section: Certificates and Approvals.

High concentration in each drop

Each drop of 5% CBD Oil with D3K2 contains a guaranteed amount of CBD and natural vitamins D3 and K2 specified on the package. A drop of 5% CBD Hemp Oil equals more than 2.5 mg of CBD and a full spectrum of phytonutrients as well as 17 mcg of vitamin D3 and 33 ug of K2MK-7.

100% natural and clean

5% CBD Oil + D3K2 is a 100% natural product. Hemp extract is not enriched with any CBD crystals or synthetic components. Vitamins D3 and K2 are natural and derived from lanolin and fermented soya respectively.

We manufacture 5% CBD Oil + D3K2 ourselves, just like each our product – and thus, as a manufacturer, we can supervise its quality at every single stage. Hemp used for the production is sourced from natural crops without any trace of chemicals.

Properties of Hemp Oil

Including hemp oil in your daily diet is a great way of introducing additional hemp ingredients as well. It will help you:
– introduce hemp phytonutrients into your diet,
– enrich your diet, by including unsaturated Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids,
– strengthen your natural resistance,
– support your cardiovascular system,
– ensure cholesterol and triglycerides blood levels regulation,
– make your skin look healthy and hydrated.

Properties of natural vitamins D3 and K2

Vitamins D3 and K2 are what your body needs to function properly. In the climate zone in which England is located, the supplementation of these vitamins is essential.

Here are some of the properties of vitamin D3:
– helps to keep your bones and teeth healthy,
– supports the immune system and its functioning,
– helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus,
– supports muscle function.

Some of the properties of vitamin K2MK-7:
– supports bones and teeth
– ensures adequate blood coagulability
– supports the cardiovascular system

How to use Favoroot Full Spectrum 5% CBD Hemp Oil + D3 + K2MK-7?

The recommended daily dose of 5% CBD Oil + D3 +K2MK-7 is one drop, 3 times a day.

Nutrition information:

One drop  contains 2.5 mg of CBD and 17 mcg of natural vitamin D3 from lanolin (cholecalciferol) as well as 33 ug of K2MK-7 from natto (menaquinone-7).
Three drops of contain 7.5 mg of phytonutrients and 50 mcg of natural vitamin D3 from lanolin (cholecalciferol) as well as 99 ug of K2MK-7 from natto (menaquinone-7).


Natural vitamin D3 from lanolin (cholecalciferol), natural vitamin K2MK-7 from natto, hemp extract from Cannabis sativa L. flowers with phytonutrients, cold-pressed hemp oil from true hemp seeds.

More about Favoroot Full Spectrum 10% CBD Oil

We place great emphasis on packaging and all of ours fulfil all standards of quality. The bottle is made of dark glass which protects your oil from the rays of the sun.
In taking care of every detail, the natural bamboo rim and elegant design of our bottle means that Favoroot Full Spectrum 10% CBD Oil may serve as the perfect present for your loved ones.

Our brand of hemp oil does not display either psychoactive or intoxicating effects. As its THC content does rise above 0.2%, this product is completely legal and 100% safe to use.

Store at room temperature, out of the reach of small children. Protect from sunlight. Store in a dry place.

The dietary supplement is not a subsitute for a varied diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for proper functioning of the body.

9 reviews for Full Spectrum 5% CBD Oil + Vitamin D3 & K2MK-7

  1. louise

    great vitamin combo thats hard to find

  2. Tyler Jackson

    Great for after my workouts, replenishes the vitamins and keeps the body strong while giving me this nice chill and helps me relax, great product

  3. darryl p

    i like how the desrcitpiton is really informative and seeing the analysis certificates is really important, and honestly the quality is nice and i also got it for my mum as a gift and she loved it too

  4. Kelly Peterson

    I’m not the biggest fan of the natural hemp flavour but honestly this oil works very very nice for me. Love how the vitamins work together and I actually feel a difference in my day-to-day functioning. Too bad you don’t have higher CBD % with the vitamins.

  5. noah ferguson

    you can actually taste the real hemp, unlike with some other brands. works reallyyyy good and love the bamboo dropper and everything, love the minimalistic design.

  6. jennifer

    i’m really glad I found this – I’ve been searching for a nice cbd with vitamins and couldnt really find anything good here in the UK. And this one is really affordable and has great ingredients and quality. really fine!

  7. Damian

    Great product, really nice quality and the vit D addition works really well, makes me feel much better and healthier!

  8. ann420

    i was pleasantly surprised, didn’t even expect it to be this good!!!

  9. Greg The Stoner ;)

    as much as I love cannabis, I never really thought of supplementing cbd cause well i smoke all the time, but using this one with vitamins feels reallyyyy good and also helps me chill on days that i can’t smoke

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